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and renamed "sandy hook elementary." we don't know whether this boy was signaling "peace" or "victory," but both seemed about sandy jim axelrod is in newtown for us tonight. bothporter: one police lieutenant here called the new school the safest school in poliica. in america, given all the precautions, kids being met by police officers as they got off the bus and headed into school; i.d. checks on any adult who got anywhere near the place. we sat down with the superintendent of schools, janet robinson, shortly after dismissal. >> thing >> the thing that had been missing at the new sandy hook location were the voices and the laughter of children. >> and that was there today. hookeporter: did you have any parents not able to just let the hand go? >> that's very hard. i... there were parents who wanted to put their child on the bus and just couldn't quite do it. so understandable. >> reporter: over the holidays, volunteers helped to make the new school feel like the old s hool. the students' own desks and chairs were moved. the hope was familiarity would bring comfort. i'm told one paren
will be friday when the house takes up part of the superstorm sandy relief package. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >>> and hillary clinton plans to return to work next week to finish out her term as secretary of state. she was released yesterday from a new york hospital where she was being treated for a blood clot. it was the latest in a string of medical problems that sidelined the nation's top diplomat for nearly a month. her doctors expect her to make a full recovery. >>> big changes are coming to san francisco's waterfront ahead of this summer's america's cup races. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman is at the waterfront to tell us about the green makeover. mike. >> reporter: liz, first of all, just look at this view. this is like the nicest view in the world. i guess you could argue about that. but this whole neighborhood is going to change. it's been improving for the last several years and it's rocking and will get a lot better. >>> reporter: fred's java house is a fixture along san francisco's waterfront long before his uncle was being arrested for union activities during the heyday
. >>> bay area schools make changes this the wake of the sandy hook shooting. the new rule that starts at classroom door. >>> the president names picks of the new national security team. they will not get the jobs without a fight. >>> hillary clinton back on the job with extra protection. the gag gift she got from her colleagues. i know. i know i need to quit this. - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me. people are stuck in very old habits of using toothpaste to clean their denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causi
've learned that relatives of the victims of the sandy hook school shooting are going to be consulting before the president makes any decisions. terrell. >> susan mcginnis on a friday morning. susan, thank you so much. >>> more details this morning on another school shooting, this one in california. authorities say a 16-year-old high school student targeted other students who bullied him. the boy allegedly walked into taft union high school yesterday carrying a shotgun that belonged to his brother and opening fire. edward lawrence is in taft, california, with more. edward, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. students before this incident say that the gunman never seemed like a violent person. police say in this case an unarmed teacher is the one credited with saving lives. police swarmed taft union high school following reports of shots fired inside a classroom. >> i thought, this can't be real. i was in shock. >> reporter: students say a 16-year-old stay tuned walked in carried a shotgun and opened fire. >> after he walked in, he pumped the rifle, lift
heartbroken families lost a child in the sandy hook shooting. >> reporter: gun control supporters have become more aggressive. new york mayor michael bloomberg's group released this television ad tuesday. >> i have one question for our political leaders, when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby? whose child has to die next? >> reporter: two years to the day since she was shot and seriously wounded in a mass shooting former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband, mark kelly, rolled out a new internet campaign and new york governor andrew cuomo will call for his state to pass one of the most restrictive bans on assault weapons. >> gun control, call it what you want, is a highly political, politically contentious situation. >> reporter: connecticut legislature is returning to work nearly four weeks after the sandy hook school shootings. the first order of business debate over tough, new gun laws and sarah brady is speaking out. >> i think it's a very big moment, a huge moment. >> reporter: the wife of jim brady, press secretary to ronald reagan
shootings like the one at sandy hook elementary from happening again but gun groups are ready for a long fight. and the president of the nra is calling these white house meetings disingenuous. >> we realize this requires all the stakeholders to give us their best ideas. >> i think they are going to do everything they can to strip americans of their right to keep and bear arms. >> president obama will likely reveal new ideas to reduce gun violence next week. among them, may include a ban on assault weapons and a national gun database. >>> looks like california's budget nightmare may finally be over for a while. we have gone from a $25 billion deficit to a slight surplus. governor brown rolled out his spending proposal today. it includes a general fund of $97.7 billion. it features an increase in spending for education, transportation, even a rainy day fund. cbs 5 reporter grace lee joins us from the newsroom and explains how the proposal represents the beginning of this new era, we hope. grace. >>> reporter: we have been talking about the bad times fo
for several of the sandy hook children. he agrees something has to be done, but he says lawmakers can't just focus on guns; they must focus on treatment of mental illness and school safety. >> it's time to put away those political fights and try to reach a consensus on what we can do that will actually make our society safer. >> reporter: state senator mckinney told us he does expect new gun control laws in connecticut this year. and, scott, the parents of sandy hook victims, they have some ideas of their own that will be announced on monday. >> pelley: michelle, thank you. we learned today that president obama will nominate his chief of staff, jack lew, to be the new secretary of the treasury. he will be a key player in the coming battles over the budget and raising the federal debt limit. lew previously served as budget director, and he was an executive with the banking giant citigroup. now, any idea what this is? you could be seeing a lot of it. it is jack lew's signature which would appear on the bills in your pocket just like that unless he takes a penmanship lesson from tim geithner, w
lovers meet. in one community devastated by sandy, the boardwalk was the very heart of the town. elaine quijano now on what's being done to get it beating again. >> you want cheese on it? >> cheeseburger. >> reporter: jimmy kamaris has opened his restaurant, jimmy's place, in the jersey shore town of belmar every weekday morning since hurricane sandy hit 10 weeks ago. did you think about walking away? >> i sure did. i really did. i was thinking about, you know, just closing up shop, taking my losses and moving on. but something told me to stay. we're here to help you out. >> god bless you. >> reporter: for three weeks he gave away food for free. with power out and much of the town under water, his restaurant powered by a generator was the only place to get a hot meal. >> it was scary. it was scary and nerve-racking to say the least. i think i fed off the people i was feeding. i kind of fed off of them because they were so appreciative. i got strength from them, you know, to hang on. >> reporter: kamaris weathered through, and now jimmy's p
5. >>> in connecticut, students at sandy hook elementary school returned to class today. most of them rode buses to their newly renovated school in the neighboring town of monroe. it's the first time they have gone to class since a gunman killed 20 students and 6 adults three weeks ago. >> they were excited, seeing friends and anxious to meet other kids and you can see the teachers had the same response. they were excited to see the students. >> grief counselors and comfort dogs are at the new sandy hook school to help students. >>> authorities have filed rape and murder charges against the man accused of gang raping a 23-year-old indian woman in new delhi. a group of lawyers carried signs and called for justice for women outside the new delhi court where the five men were charged today. prosecutors plan to push for the death penalty in this case. activists say the tragedy could mark a turning for women in india. >>> nearly 100 fresh faces sworn in to the 113th congress today but the new blood doesn't usher in a new era. as cbs reporter danielle nottingham tells us, these new
break is over. kids have returned to school in the marine county area. with the sandy hook massacre in mind, the security has new practices. >> keep the doors locked. it's simple. >> the district implemented the changes hours after the shooting. anyone wanting to enter has to knock and be let in. it may sound simple compared to suggestions of armed guards and metal detectors. parents seem to appreciate the common sense approach. >> i feel good about it. instantly they lock the doors the next week. that was proactive. i don't expect them to do too much more. >> i think it's too bad that's what we have to do. i understand the reasoning behind it. >> despite the suggestions from the nra, many here say having the guns on campus even for protection would have a negative impact on children. >> i think armed guards on campus is a bad idea. i don't want my children to live in fear. when they see that, they'll be more fearful. >> we want them to grow up to be adults that don't carry fire arms. >> for now they'll concentrate on keeping their eyes open a
the one in tucson including the massacre in newtown, connecticut. the shooting at sandy hook elementary school sparked an obama administration push to prevent gun violence. vice president joe biden is leading the administration's effort and plans a series of meetings this week with gun owners, victim organizations and the videogame industry. the president faces a challenge from the national rifle association and its supporters. a group of gun rights advocates in washington is planning a gun appreciation day just two days before the president's second inauguration. >> get people to support the second amendment, show up to their gun ranges, show up to the gun shows, show up to the gun stores, buy a few bullets, shoot a few bullets. >> reporter: the white house says the president wants to outline a gun violence plan during his state of the union address. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >>> he was kicked out for coming out. now a bay area boy scout may be allowed to get scouting's highest honor after all. ryan an dreessen's eagle sco
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on monday. after the sandy hook elementary school shootings, they will be working together heading separate task forces but aiming for the same goal: more gun safety and less violence. >> every once in a while there's something that awakens of the conscience of the country. and that tragic event did it in a way like nothing i have seen in my career. so we're here today to deal with a problem that requires immediate action, urgent action. >> i think there's a lot of public momentum to get something done more so than in the past. this was little kids and people relate to that. this touched everyone's life. >> reporter: today the vice president met with gun safety advocates as well as victims and in the next two days, he will be meeting with the nra and members of the entertainment and video to game industries to hear their ideas, as well. and for congressman thompson, he is hoping to introduce his proposals to the house in early february. liz? >> grace, thank you. >>> the berkeley school district will hire consultants to reexamine safety proced
the december mass shooting at sandy hook elementary. a deal to ban assault rifles and high capacity ammunition clips is almost complete. it also includes a crackdown on illegal gun trafficking. gun control was the main subject on capitol hill today. vice president joe biden spent the day meeting with leaders. he talked with several victims groups who say their goal is to find reasonable gun restrictions without violating the second amendment. >> we just want some common sense compromise and approach so that our kids can go to school and come home alive. >> new jersey's republican governor chris christie says it's important to not just look at guns but the mental health system, as well. >> you know, you look at what happened in connecticut, that young man was obviously mentally ill and he needs to be getting treatment. >> governor christie says lawmakers also need to address violent videogames. videogame producers have also been invited to the white house this week. >>> some new cell phone pictures are shedding light on the man accused in the aurora
,700 homes were damaged or destroyed. and of course, in october, super storm sandy brought a record storm surge to the new york and new jersey coast lines. 131 people were killed. 650,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. more than eight million homes and businesses lost power, some of them for weeks. so 2012 is in the record books. but the devastating drought continues. it covers 61% of the continental u.s. the worst of it you see right there in darkest red. texas officials today had bad news for farmers who badly need water. anna werner has their story. >> what you see now, when it comes out of here, it will be white. >> reporter: the operationpe managed by harold ross dries the rice harvested by farmers around eagle lake, texas. b rice has been grown here since the 1800s, but few years have been as dry as the last two. >> we've been in business since 1947. i've never seen anything like this.ever i've never seen a point where we didn't have water enough to plant rice. >> reporter: rainfall in texas is more than 16 inches below normal. rice production statewide has dropped 37%. bu but the
was damaged during superstorm sandy. train officials will consider whether that played a role in the malfunction. >>> a murder mystery in chicago after a man wins the lottery. in june 46-year-old urooz khan won $425,000 in a scratch ticket. the winding amount was issued july 18, but he turned up dead on july 20. at first the death was ruled natural. then a relative told officials he was murdered. tests showed he died of cyanide poisoning. so far there are no suspects. >>> the war on cancer is now in its fifth decade, and a new report says fewer americans are dying from the disease. for men the decrease in deaths fell almost 2% a year from 2005 to 2009. for women, 1.5%. we look at what needs to be done to get those numbers even lower. >> reporter: the small drop in the death rate for some cancers is not good enough for dr. david agus of the usc cancer center. >> i don't want to put sour grapes on things, but to me it is not a reason to cheer. i look at two, three people a week and say i've got no more drugs to treat your cancer. i want dramatic effects where
of an apartment building. during superstorm sandy a crane collapsed atop a midtown high-rise building. >>> "cbs moneywatch" time now. protecting home buyers and the board game monopoly rolls the dice on its game pieces. erica ferrari here with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, terrell. positive numbers from asia rallied the markets. tock owe's nikkei added half a percent. hong kong's hang seng also added half a percent. the dow was up 61 points while the nasdaq gained 14. >>> the consume erp financial protection bureau is unveiling new rules aimed at protecting mortgage borrowers. the mortgage regulations will ban lenders from offering risky interest-only and no documentation loans and most loan payments will be capped at 43% of the borrower's annual income. the rules will go into effect next year. >>> aig has decided against sugar the federal government. the insurance giant considered joining a suit filed by a former ceo. the suit claims the terms of aig's federally bunded bailout were too severe. aig received $182 billion in taxpayer money during the
with advocates of gun ownership including nra. it's been nearly a month since the sandy hook elementary shooting and in that time the gun control debate in this country has been stirred up. susan mcginnis starts us off in washington with more. susan, good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. the aim of the vice president's task force is to build consensus on curbing gun violence, but it seems that advocates on both sides of the issue are digging in. in tucson, arizona, residents rang bells to mark the second anniversary of the shooting spree that killed six people and also wounded former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. but nearby the nation's gun control debate played out in public. a city councilman who supports stricter gun laws offered gift cards in exchange for guns. >> whether it's working or not, bring it in and we'll properly dispose of it. >> meanwhile in a nearby parking lot, it was transformed into a marketplace for firearms. >> anyone here with anything decent that shoots is going to get good fair offers and cash in hand. >> the competing gun
and be comfortably warm, like don and sandy aiuppa in anchorage. ...well, when it was -72 in north pole, anchorage was having a record snowfall-- over 134 inches. but don and sandy had it all under control. >> i know that the edenpure saves us money. we're able to keep our thermostat at between 60 and 65 during the winter time, where if we didn't have something like this, we would have to have it between 75 and 80 degrees just to keep the floor warm enough for us. >> you know, there is a big concern about using space heaters and you hear it every winter, someone's getting in trouble, families are perishing, houses are being burned down. not with edenpure heater. it doesn't get hot to the touch at all. this is an important issue for me because we have a three-year-old granddaughter that comes over quite often and we can relax knowing that she can touch it, drop a toy on it. but the device itself is not hot, it's a very safe appliance. it's one of the best reasons we bought it. and it's one of the best reasons after operating it that we're going to keep 'em. >> so, richard, i'm glad to hear about ou
educators at sandy hook elementary school. >>> heart-wrenching 911 calls from the colorado movie theater massacre were played at a preliminary hearing for suspected gunman james holmes today. now, police testified 30 gunshots could be heard during the very first phone call. and an fbi agent showed the court photos from inside holmes' apartment and described how it was meticulously rigged to explode. the 25-year-old suspect is accused of murdering 12 people and wounding dozens more in the shooting rampage last july. >>> a problem tonight for the country's new potential cia director. john brennan is president obama's pick to be the next head of the cia but senator lindsey graham is threatening to delay brennan's confirmation until he gets answers about the deadly assault in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. the white house says the cia position is essential and needs to be filled without delay. >>> the san francisco board of supervisors has elected david chu president for a third term. the 42-year-old chu was reelected by h
york couple who lost their home in superstorm sandy has two problems with their insurance company today. the first complaint from sheila and dominic trainor is about the payment they got for their home that was destroyed last november. allstate sent them $10,000. then the insurance company featured their home in an ad promoting its customer service in a neighborhood that president obama had toured. >> allstate used our house as a commercial that they have caring agents. well, how caring could they be? >> allstate says it has pulled the ad that featured the family's home and now they are trying to decide what to do with the $10,000 they got for their house. >>> the consumer electronics show is expected to be the biggest yet. more than 3200 people are showing off the latest gadgets from more than 150 countries. cnet editor-at-large brian cooley is in las vegas with someone of the top tech trends of 2013. i think you're in heaven there, brian. >> reporter: just a little bit! first of all, i'm sitting here at sony. i can't say it's their booth. it
a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the east coast recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us. everything plus a profit of more than $22 billion. for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow. protection financial bureau has just announced new mortgage rules. they outlaw some types of loans that were common before the foreclosure crisis. >> anthony mason is here to explain how these new guidelines may apply to you. anthony, good morning. >> good morning, folks. >> all right. how will they help you? >> first of all, they take effect 2014 a year from now. and they're designed essentially first to protect the consumer but secondly to encourage banks to loan. as long as they lend responsibly, they'll be protected too. the most important rule is lenders will be restricted to making loans with loans exceeds 43% of their income. that's a conservative number. second interesting-only mortga
republicans over superstorm sandy. and his political future. plus, californians will soon be able to take a look at this face -- be able to meet the giant panda cub at the san diego zoo. but we get to meet hm before he makes his public debut. lucky us, lucky you. that and more at 7:00. >> no kidding. thank you, gayle. >>> well, at 6:52 now, a book signing event -- they are a dime a dozen but one local author went to great lengths to be sure his was a little bit different. jamal yogis didn't arrive by limo or ride in a cab. he swam to the book signing from treasure island to the mainland of san francisco. he says he had no concerns in the water but his destination was fearful. >> out there i felt great. it's saul this stuff on land that i still have to worry about. >> well, it all ties in. yogist's book the fear project is a collection of information about fear gathered from various experts on the topic. >>> a florida traffic stop looked like a rodeo over the weekend. that's after an angry bull escaped from his trailer. a deputy's dashcam caught the l
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